I went to the gym yesterday and ran 5 miles in 29:15. The funny thing about treadmills is that they aren’t all the same. LA fitness specifically has one turbocharged machine that is labeled with a 95sp or something like that and it lets you speed the machine past the usual max of 12.0 mph. Not only is this machine the fastest but it’s also the most stable. If I can’t get this one particular machine, then I’m usually not too happy. Point being that I’m not really sure if that time is legit or not because it’s a treadmill, but I’ve used a lot of treadmills and the one I used is the most consistent and best, so I give that time some credibility. I also want to document it so if I ever look back at where I was at 27 physically, that’s not half bad for an old man. I know I’m a treadmill snob. I’ll get on the machine, start it up and if the console shakes or the cup holder makes noise, I get off and find a new one. I also sweat more than any individual in the entire gym. After I get done with the treadmill, it looks like it’s just been through the car wash. It’s amazing too that not once have I ever fallen off or ever felt that I was near falling. I wonder what the maximum speed is that I can lose footing and keep myself up with my hands if it came to that. Enough treadmill talk.

Holiday break is upon most people and it’s a fun time to spend time relaxing, reading books, watching movies, and staying fit. Instead of all those enjoyable activities, I usually spend mine buying cases of beer, getting drunk, trying to pick up girls, and then dealing with hangovers. Some girls recently ask me if I’m a player and I just have to laugh at the accusation. Yes I do go out fairly often to the bar to attempt to pick up females but my success ratio is pathetic that I can’t possibly be a player. This next break though is a good time to go out though and I’ll see if I can note any conquests in this blog. Honestly though I just go out to have a good time and anything that happens, it just happens. Usually I’m too drunk to be coherent anyway. Now if people wanted to hold that against me, no argument from me there.

This is a short day at work and then I’m going to get myself a nice JRP cheese steak, hit the gym, and then prepare for doing nothing. Kristen and the Noise is at Mad River tonight and Big Ben is getting ready to lay a goose egg. CK4, good luck in the championship game but the Championship Wild Turkeys are going to gobble gobble their way to victory. The line was -14.5 for the Steelers / Panthers but I think it’s too many points for a team that put up 19 points vs Buffalo, 13 vs Baltimore, 23 vs Cincy, and 17 vs the Jets in their last 4 games. Carolina stinks I know, but people will lean towards the Steelers and you want to against the public is what an article I read in the Wall St said today.