View from hotel

Day 4 consisted with me waking up and eating breakfast at the Austrian Trend Hotel Congress in Innsbruck. I then took a ride to Munich where we had to pass a border control which I’d guess most Americans don’t think about. It consisted of 3 white people driving through a border being looked at by 3 men in police clothes. They are looking for bigger vehicles that are harboring refugees. Obviously this is a big business for smugglers as people from war torn countries are trying to seek better quality of life in places like Germany, Austria, and others.

All they do is drink and eat. The booths don’t even have product info in them.

I got to the trade show and I won’t bore you with the details except for it’s either the biggest building trade show in Europe or in the world. As I left the trade show, I had to buy a ticket to the train and was fine switching the screen to English and then buying the ticket to the Munich HBF from the Messe (trade show). No one even checks the ticket but there is a 60 euro fine if you don’t have one. This may just be for the tram. I don’t know.

I got to the train station and immediately my GPS wasn’t working. I tried resetting the phone but to no avail. Fortunately, I wisely booked the hotel next to the HBF instead of the trade show which I’d highly recommend if you travel for a trade show. I was able to find my hotel and checked in. It was a dingy hotel but served my purpose. I was beat after the trade show and let my phone charge and watched the Trump inauguration before taking a nap for an hour or so.

German Store Front

I walked out to the main street and was hit with the Marienplatz. Platz means place and Marien is probably some broad. Either way it’s a central square with a load of shopping and no traffic. I was taken it all in as there were tons of people moving around and my phone GPS was still not working. I eventually concluded this was because there were so many people around. I bought a bratwurst on the street and spent some time looking for a pub to watch the Bayern Munich game. I eventually got to an English/Australian pub and ordered  a few Guinness. I was pretty awkward standing in a crowded area and decided to not to stay. I even tried to take a piss but there was no divider and these urinals were pretty much on top of each other. Europeans!

No clue how this was going to work.

I kept wandering the street and found my way into a betting hall which was filled with refugees. I was going to place a bet on Bayern Munich, actually I was going to put it on Freiburg which would have made me happy within the few minutes but ended up losing. I bought a few Lowenbrau’s and Carlsbad beers from a store while I walked around but I decided to call it a night. This was probably my least exciting day but it was mostly traveling. Tomorrow gets better.