I boarded the train to Innsbruck at 8:25 am. The train departed at 8:40 am. Fun fact about me is I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to timing. Some people would see a train schedule of 8:40 am and arrive at 8:39 am. I would have a meltdown if I had to travel with this person. There is a re-assuring, stress free, feeling when you show up ahead of schedule. Not only do you usually get first choice of seats, you aren’t rushed. For this particular journey I spent 5 extra Euro to reserve a seat which was unnecessary. If you’ve never took a train in Europe, you wouldn’t know that you can reserve seats. On crowded trains, I would recommend spending the money. There is nothing worse than not having a seat in a country you don’t speak the language.

The train ride is 4 hours and the views are spectacular. The Alps surround the train and you could take the same picture of the mountains over and over. The only point of interest on the train ride was in the last hour a couple sat down next to me. I was seated in an area with 2 seats facing 2 other seats. The seat in front of my was occupied by a foreigner (or native depending on how you look at it) and an English couple sat down next to us. They started chatting and speaking English which is obviously enjoyed by me. They spoke very eloquently with an English accent. At some point I asked where they were from and they said England. The man’s teeth were all over the place so I should have known. We talked for about 45 minutes on the train ride to Innsbruck and I kept honing my listening and engaging skills. I enjoyed the ride.

I got off the train and met up with my contact. We got some pizza and discussed shop for a few hours. We ate dinner at a very authentic Austrian restaurant and I had some pork, vegetables, and some noodle type food which was delicious. We capped off the day with a few beers and I went back to my hotel. BBC was usually the only channel that I would put on and Trump was all over the airwaves. I know this day wasn’t my most entertaining but it was one of the true “business” days.