Can someone clue me into the reason behind the HHH entrance?

I’m not jumping on the Process bandwagon but last night was the first 3 game winning streak the Sixers have had in 3 years. It’s true that the combined record of the team’s they beat were 45-70, but I have to acknowledge that they won 3 games in a row. I get the feeling that this team is genuinely having fun and buying into what Brett Brown is teaching. The players are starting to have more defined roles and don’t seem to mind being role players to the one genuine star, Joel Embiid. Let’s also give full nod to Embiid for showing hustle and speed of a 7-2 player that hasn’t been seen since young Shaq. He is a bonafide stud as long as he stays healthy.

There are still major concerns and this team is very, very far off from being a contender. You can look at Nerlens stat line last night and see a -14 next to his name and 2 rebounds in 19 minutes (he was -8 against the Knicks, and -1 against the Nets). Jahlil sitting the last 3 games, and them winning them all, should also be a major concern along with this comment, “Obviously, it’s a funky situation. Funky for all of us. Right now, I’m the person who’s sitting out.”. You still have Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, and TJ McConnell in your starting line up which won’t fly against playoff teams.

No longer.

Winning brings out fans and the Sixers are finally, finally, finally, doing some winning. This is what the process trusters like to see. I don’t think you can say the flip is switched but if they start beating the worse teams in the league, they will start moving towards being a .500 team. Once they get there, you can start the next chirping of playoff bound. What I can’t wait to see happen is when the band wagon fans start saying how big of Sixers fans they are, and then the reaction they get from the “process trusters”. Should be a fascinating social experiment.