Being a pathetic loser, which I’ll get into during a subsequent post, I’m going to post a few comments after I’ve binged watch 5 seasons of the Office.

The Office

I was warned ahead of time that The Office goes downhill around season 6. Once the Michael Scott Paper Co. was formed, I felt the decline with Michael on his own and am going to comment now before the show starts to sully and my opinions change. (Season 6 may be good too, so don’t hold me to this).

I’ll call the Office what it is and that’s a delightful comedy with a mediocre, ever changing story. First and foremost, 28 episodes is too many for a season. The ideas start to languish and I haven’t even hit the decline.The entire show revolves around Michael which is pretty amazing considering how many characters there are. How one person steals the show on so many levels is truly a work of art. I hardly find any interest in the minor characters. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many moments, mostly involving Michael, which I’ll touch on as my favorites.

    • When Toby comes back.

      Michael Scott –  I was never a huge Steve Carell fan but he made this show. You have nothing without him. His constant misunderstanding and lack of any intelligence make him lovable and entertaining. There are so many running jokes that I can’t list them all. A few favorites are not knowing the names to bands (“it’s Britney Bitch” during Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and playing Huey Lewis and News during his Bruce giveaway stand out to me) and using phrases incorrectly. Just a real masterpiece and I’ve been told he doesn’t last forever, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

  • Darryl calling Michael…Mike. The lack of respect Darryl shows Michael throughout the show is pretty tremendous. The interaction between a boss who has no idea what’s going on and another employee who does his job is classic.

  • Creed playing Spider Solitaire and not knowing, well, much. This scene about Creed’s job description is priceless. There’s also a scene where he’s talking with Andy and says, “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim.”

When You Can’t Get Fired For Being Old

David Wallace and Michael…all the time. There is not a better combination of characters in the entire show. On one hand you have the CFO who is trying to make Dunder Mifflin money and the other is a branch manager who…is Michael Scott. The unconventional nature of Michael and how he seems to run the most successful branch baffles David and he plays along perfectly.

I tried to find a funny clip on YouTube and apparently people don’t find David as funny as I do. I was looking for the time when David was asking Michael how his unconventional ways were running a successful branch and Michael ordered take out pasta.

Holly Thinking Kevin Was Slow –  Not much to go along with this other than I liked the back and forth. Holly as a whole is pretty weird.

Who’s Not That Funny

Roy was actually one of the worst.

Jim – I don’t necessarily dislike Jim, and understand he’s needed to have some semblance of a plot, but his place in this whole Office is off to me. His constant looks into the camera like “I can’t believe he said that” or “what’s going on” get old fast. The pranks get to be lame. The whole Karin back and forth was bad too.

Jan – I couldn’t really get into liking Jan. It made no sense why she’d like Michael.

Dwight  He has his moments but tries too hard. You’re the company’s top salesmen but you can’t figure out when Pam and Jim and pranking you non-stop when they instant message you or do something to your phone.

Pam – At no point did I find myself saying, “we need more Pam.”


Who’s Really Not That Funny

(In order of worse to even worse)
Ryan, Oscar, Kevin, Angela, Stanley, Toby, Andy, Phyllis, Holly, Meredith, Kelly