2 posts this weekend! I know, I know, I don’t have to put in the long hours to this website but hard work pays off.

Temple’s Finest

First and foremost, I had an expert start playing Robby Anderson last night. I’d imagine not many people have even heard of him let alone know his established rapport with Bryce Petty. Straight up guts on that play and hopefully will be enough to push me over the perpetually good Jon Bond in Steve’s league. On the contrary, I left the lackluster Jarvis Landry on my bench in Bake’s league¬†with the decision to start A-Pete. For the record, I’ll be benching Kenneth Farrow as well and playing Ty Montgomery over him.

I’ll also pat myself on the back for 0 too drunk nights this weekend. I called it early both nights and feel fine for the days. I’m much more productive when I do this. JC cracked me up because we had an alarm go off at 3:30 am at our building and he asked if I checked it out. I live 5 minutes away and I’m not sure getting on site during an impending robbery is in my job description. Everything was fine.

Forgot this picture of Sofia Vergara’s ass yesterday.

Brunch today with the Schmidt’s and then a day of football. May try to squeeze some bowling in just for the heck of it. We played yesterday at Revolutions and I was far from my 195 average at South Bowl. I was 110, 110, 140 and pretty pleased with the results. I was throwing a house ball, which has less back end than my usual ball, and the lanes are not oiled as much as South Bowl, so I started off chucking it too hard and missing right. Then I’d slow it down and start missing left. Towards the end I was getting a better feel on the speed and I’m sure I would have started to throw up better numbers. You live, you learn.

You’re welcome for the Sunday post.