I knew today was going to be bad because when I tried to throw a 2″ paper receipt into a trash can whose width was 36″, I missed.



Yesterday was a big day with Fantasy Football playoffs getting set and obviously this title is foreshadowing the results. It appears as Sam and I will be missing the playoffs after having the #1 and #2 most points scored in the league. We needed Bud to lose for one of us to get in. Jerry played the LA Rams against the Patriots as his defense and shot us both in the dicks. I intend to complain to the league commissioner for his termination from the league. Of course it is possible that Forte, Hilton, and Vinatieri get less than 20 pts, but not likely. I would also need Luck and Marshall to combine for less than 24.42 points, which is also unlikely, but this would finish me ahead of Sam in points. When you see that the people in the first 4 spots all have points scored against them in the 1,100’s, and Sam and I are approaching 1,400, you know you got the short end of the stick.

Complaining aside, my management skills cannot be put in question for another year. In other news, I did manage to make the playoffs in both my other leagues so that helps the burn. Technically if Frank Gore goes for less than 3.8 pts AND Luck and Enunwa go for less than 17.8, it is possible I don’t get in one league. Unfortunately neither team is nearly as strong as the Wild Turkeys.

Stortz Poconos

I posted a picture of us in the Pocono’s for the weekend which I thought was a fun weekend. The life is slower in the mountains but we still made it as entertaining as possible. Friday was a relaxing night. Then Saturday we Jubiliee’d and I went on a 6 or 7 mile run in the frigid weather. Sam and JC arrived and we went bowling. If you aren’t following Sam’s snaps, you must have missed the JC pump fake but that’s your loss. We then went to the Mt Airy casino where we were violated by a tardo. Technically I only lost 4 dollars but I had a double on a hand where I hit a soft 14 to 20, and lost to a 21. We then got into some heated Sixers talk that had me bet Sam 1k that the Sixers wouldn’t make it to the Eastern Conference finals by the year ’19-’20 season. We also bet another K on who would roll the first 300 game. I’m none too worried. There was some late night conversation about people’s differences in movie tastes but that’s to be expected. I woke up with a bit of a hangover but a good time was had by all.