The above strip was published in 1988. If you want to read more on the history of the Calvin peeing decal you can see it on a page published by Gawker that’s actually decent.

I was driving home today and saw what looked like a replica of the Calvin peeing decal except it didn’t look exactly like Calvin. That got me thinking that I would have been shocked if Bill Watterson ever drew Calvin peeing. Considering he never licensed out any of his work for merchandise, it must have been created by 3rd parties. This proved to be correct.

I have a Calvin and Hobbes childhood memory of mine that I wanted to share. I was probably 13 or so and there was one summer when I would cut out the Calvin and Hobbes strip every single day for the entire summer. The Sunday colored strip was my favorite. I amassed dozens of these pieces of paper and kept them stored in a safe that my dad used to own. It had a combination that was 7,1,14, but all you had to do was spin the dial enough times and it would pop open.

indespensibleI wonder what the hell was I thinking. A wiser me went to Barnes and Noble (pre-internet) and bought the Treasury Collection of Calvin and Hobbes which I indeed treasured. Ranked of course –  The Indispensable. The Authoritative. The Essential.

Around that time There’s Treasure Everywhere and Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat were released as well. I never even knew what Homicidal Psycho meant but I knew I liked the material in the book. I didn’t understand the majority of what Watterson was relaying as an adult to a kid (or to other adults), but I related. When you think of Calvin and Hobbes you think “children’s material”, but the work is a double edged that relats to everyone.
Without futher ado, I present a few weekly’s I found:

The simple feelings may be the best moments of your life.


“They say the satisfaction of teaching makes up for lousy pay.” Knowing that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 details history. As you age, you understand what people 500 years ago were doing. They lived exactly like you live now except without technology. The end quote means that when a student is answering questions in that manner, your pay should be minimal.

I’m not sure this feeling ever leaves.

This is you endure a lot of “whatever” for those special moments. Notice the beginning is dreaming.