I watched 2 documentaries last night (killer life I know) on Anthony Weiner and John McAfee. Weiner’s is titled “Weiner”  (be careful Googling) and McAfee’s is “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee“.

  • humaandanthony

    Anthony and Huma

    Anthony Weiner was a member of Congress and ran for the governor of New York in 2013. He lost in a landslide after sexting scandals erupted. His wife is/was Huma Abedin who is/was Hillary Clinton’s top aide and her name can be found on many of the emails that never go away. The documentary was shot by a cameraman who followed around Weiner as he did his day to day campaigning. He is using it to show the public what he endures for a sympathetic effect.

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    McAfee in ’89

    John McAfee is the founder of McAfee Virus Protection and suffers from severe paranoia. He moved to Belize where he is accused of murdering his neighbor. He fled to Guatemala, faked a heart attack so his appeal would be timely, then was extradited back to the United States. Back in the US he ran for the ’16 Libertarian party nominee only to lose to Gary Johnston.

Losing Touch With Reality

randquoteThese two men were perfect for documentaries because they are not normal people. If there was a documentary about me there’d be about 2 minutes of worthwhile footage when I’d be black out drunk walking back from a bar. The rest would be me sitting behind a computer typing, rolling a ball down an alley, or watching TV.

These men are true characters. They are elevated by our society (Weiner for his fight for the middle class and McAfee for creating an Anti-Virus) and have more money than they know what to do with. This entitles them to act in ways that would ruin other people (I suppose they are both ruined in their own explosive ways) but allows them to have people follow them around in order to create documentaries about their wild life styles. Some highlights:


  • She's done work for Brazzers. Don't act like you don't know what that is.

    She’s done work for Brazzers. Don’t act like you don’t know what that is.

    Sydney Leathers was the girl who he was sexting or having phone sex with 5 times a day. At the climax of his mayoral campaign loss, she was on Howard Stern and he goaded her to confront Anthony. Anthony caught wind that she was waiting for him outside his building and came up with a plan to avoid her in a secret stairwell.  As he put his plan in motion being guarded by tons of security, she started chasing after him. He managed to avoid her. She’s 23 with huge juggs and known for nothing but sexting (and being a porn star).

  • Huma could have been the worst wife I’ve seen (this is understandable knowing that your husband sends dick pics to many girls). If this is how most marriages are, I don’t want to marry. She was a cold hearted bitch whose allegiance was obviously for Hillary Clinton and she couldn’t stand Anthony most times. It makes me wonder why on Earth she married him. Of course his sexting could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back but this isn’t a guy who does anything discreetly so she should have known what she was getting into.
  • My favorite moments were when people would question Anthony with, “how many other girls were there?” He would say something like, “I have no idea what constitutes illegal behavior so I don’t know how many girls there were.” He’d also fly off the deep end at reporters, hecklers, and talk show hosts. I found him moderately likable if you can get past his indiscretions with his wife.


  • mcafeeI was going to write Nanette Burstein on Twitter to tell her how fabulous a job she did depicting McAfee’s crazy side. This guy is ape shit mad. For the man to invent “anti virus” software, it’s no surprise he’s the most paranoid man I’ve ever seen.
  • He was worth 100’s of millions of dollars at some point, lost some in the crash (or so people reported), moved to Belize, and started to lay a new foundation for his life. He’d build houses for the poor folk, give the police equipment and vehicles, and employ many of the locals. Being a millionaire in Belize makes you a king and he tried to rule. He hired armed guards to protect his estate from people who were coming after him.
  • His fetish was having a girl sit on a hammock and poop into his mouth. He had many younger prostitutes around at all times.
  • He paid his hit-man 5k to kill his next door neighbor who had poisoned his dogs which roamed freely around his estate. The hit-man started laughing when the reporter asked if he did it. Since Belize has no forensic testing, no one was ever convicted. This man got 2nd place in our latest Libertarian election and still has a high profile in the US.

I’ve Learned…

azr5rThat normal people don’t get documentaries made after them. It’s hard to say if there’s a missing gene that makes these people different. No one can deny that these 2 men are uniquely talented. Weiner was part of Congress for 7 years. McAfee created software that was on 67% of computers at one point. Deranged and delusional are good qualities to have to be entertaining. Anthony was guilty of telling the public that you apologize for sending a girls dick pics while in office and will never do it again…and then you do it again a few years later while you’re still married. McAfee hired hit-men to kill people while thinking he was above the law. There has to be some major disorder there. Without that disorder, you aren’t that fascinating.