Steve was gracious enough to invite me to the Eagles game on Sunday and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. The weather was absolutely perfect football weather and the birds actually won. We did some tailgating prior to the game but nothing out of control.


I’m not a die-hard Eagles fan but I do understand why some people get so hyped for the games. The atmosphere is electric when the team is playing well. Our seats were fairly high up but you have no problem seeing the whole game. I’d probably not want to go as badly if I was at one of the end zones. That being said, I had a good time and it’s a nice change of pace from watching Red Zone for 7 hours.

nk8zafWhile still on the football topic, I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel until I get my mojo back. I’m down $200 in betting and $80 in draftkings. Over the course of 10 weeks it’s not tragic but I’m pretty much up shit’s creek without a paddle. My pick em’s are going to shit and my enthusiasm is waning. I’m using a combination of intellect and guesswork and missing the mark by a large margin. This too shall pass.

I’m in the same shitty boat in fantasy with the Wild Turkey’s being eliminated from contention this week. I dropped Ryan Mathews last week and that’s some decent symbolism of how my season has been going. I’m zigging when I should be zagging. I also suffered two losses in the other leagues which have me battling for the playoffs.

Bowling tonight. Keep it together Buster and spin this back around.