I’m leaving for the shore today and then returning on Sat for a wedding. After the wedding I’m heading back down again that night and then staying there all week. It’ll be nice not having to work for a week. My goal is to balance getting wasted and staying in running shape but the former usually hinders the latter.

Also we played Monopoly last night and I want to give the in’s and out’s to certain deals. I was able to obtain 2 red’s and 200 dollars for my 1 purple. Granted if gave the opponent a monopoly but it also gave me a red monopoly. This deal has to be so heavily favored in my direction it’s ridiculous. However, he was able to put instant hotels on his properties and they turned into magnets. I landed on them once and next thing you know I’m cash strapped with an expensive monopoly that I can’t build on. Once again Evan and I got properties each other needed and once again we are both to stubborn to trade with each other. I had both yellows and park place and he had one yellow and boardwalk. I wanted the yellow and he wanted to trade straight up yellow for park place. Considering I already had a monopoly and he didn’t I wasn’t doing it. I wanted him to throw in a specified amount of money. Well naturally he wanted me to throw in a specified amount of money for the deal. My argument is that bw and pp are the best properties in the game and his argument is that i’m getting 3 spaces and he will only have 2. So naturally we sit there turn after turn unable to come to anything until it’s too late and both of us go bk. Just as I ended my scattergories career i’m considering the same with Monopoly. I think the trading aspect of the game is fun but the luck portion makes it tough to win sometimes.

That’s it on my end.