Just a quick example of how I interact with people. With Gore being out for the season and Westbrook on our waiver wire, I receive this email from the Shee who owns Gore.

“Please Please Please don’t pick up any running backs this week?”

My Response

“You’re good. I have 4 serviceable rb’s and I have to finally use my waiver wire on a defense this week. I can’t play the Jets vs the Pats so I absolutely have to pick up Seattle against the Panthers. You going to try to get Westbrook?”

His response

“Now that’s a good boy Coop. I am going for Westbrook, Gerheardt, then Hart. Gore totally ruined any shot I had at making a run in the league. Now I am just trying to sneak into the playoffs. With Evan’s inflated defense points, I agree with sitting the Jets this week.”

Now I was number 1 on the waivers and I had pretty much planned throughout the season to not waste my waiver wires on people I didn’t absolutely need. As it turned out, the person who was number 2 on the waivers was the person who is tied with me for the division and also the person I have to play this week. He has a shortage of backs and would love to get his hands on Westbrook. So I decide to put in my 1 waiver for Westbrook, assuring I got him, and then put in my 2 claim for Seattle’s D. I ended up getting both spots and can now sit Westbrook on my bench this week and make sure no one else gets his points. The email I received this morning from the Sheee.

“You backstabbing rat! Karma is going to get you BIGTIME on this one”

Ahh the joys of humanity. I’ve wrote before that I’m just not that good with people and here’s another example of the joys of being me. Just to point out one more thing, Sheeee, you were 8 on the waiver list and had no shot at getting Westbrook anyhow.