Concluding our bball season in week 10 turned out to be uneventful. Ck4 lit it up with 6 3 balls in the first half and the other team was never really threatening. Jkash was back for first time since a shoulder injury from football and I believe he may have re-aggravated it during the bball game. We ended the regular season at 8-2 and probably have the 2 or 3 seed for playoffs. Essentially there were 4 basketball teams in the league and 4 other teams who got some people together. It’s somewhat sad to say that we were one of those good teams considering the 0-8 debacle from the Springfield league a year earlier. As Ck4 would say, if the other team goes man, we lose. We’ll see what happens come playoff time.

Here are 2 songs that I find particularly good.