This was not my most profitable weekend and I blame myself.

post-50621-drew-carey-welcome-to-fantasy-rduwI sent a text to Adam that said I was done pussy footing around with my gambling account and put 7.5 units on MSU which won. I then won an Oregon bet for 5 units and lost 5 on a random late night Saturday bet. Fine day.

I started Sunday betting 7.5 on the Bucs which failed. In half drunken stupor fashion, I put 15 on the Eagles which was a heart breaker. This left my account at 5 units. I put a hail Mary bet on the Bears and am now back to 9 in the account and down 11 for the season. Current records:  NFL 19-16, +5.5 units, CFB 6-7, +5 units

I’ve made bets on Soccer, Basketball, E-League, so it’s tough to tell exactly where the units go considering I’m up on both football but this doesn’t count the juice and as you can tell, over time, you don’t beat the juice. I also managed to lose all my Draftkings entries for -$49. I’m exactly even after 8 weeks of the season.

The bottom line is that I’m not a winner gambling. I’m down $110 dollars after 8 weeks in Bovada and 0 in Draftkings. If you told me it would cost me $15 dollars each week to watch the games and enjoy the action, I’d say I think I’d take it. Even with all the time spent though, I can’t win.

My fantasy teams are sitting in 1st, 2nd, and 8th.