I think the site has gotten close to where it was. I have the comments on the top and the sidebar set up exactly the way I want. I can’t seem to settle on a font so if you hate this font, let me know. The banner at the top is pretty lame but I don’t have time to mess with that now . I’m leaning towards creating posts with feature images and excerpts instead of full length. I’m not a fan of making people click on individual posts so we’ll see. I’ve hardly been messing with the other post options like I did with the image carousel on the Hillary post, so that’ll be tinkered with in the future. This may be only me but the white space to the left of this text is driving me crazy and I have a support ticket on how to get it removed. I also have to change the H2 and H3 font.


I also will be a way for a few days so there will be no posts until Friday. I’ve had a lot running through my mind that I want to post which involves looking at society from afar. This comes with getting older and hopefully will make more sense when I make the post.