102058445-up-down-chart-1910x1000Ultimate highs to ultimate lows. After nailing the Giants (7.5 units), the under of the KC/NO (4 units), and the Eagles (7.5 units), I was up a slick 19 units going into the 4 o’clock games. In a swift kick to the nuts I lost 5 units on both the Steelers and the Falcons, and then 10 units on the Cardinals to end the day down a unit. My account¬†is +5 units for the season and an 18-14 record, +21.5 units on the NFL. I’ll probably be bringing in the reins a little bit moving forward to see if I’m heading towards a cooler.


6 lineups entered with only 1 cashing for $15. This puts me at a $60 loss for the week and only up about $40 for the season. In the 2 $20 3man tournaments I entered, I got punched in the face by a guy getting 190+. My highest lineup was 173.06. I didn’t have horrible lineups this week but the chalk paid out and I’m usually¬†a fader

Fantasy Football

fantasy-football-logic-reality-02Wild Turkeys – The LeSean news basically screwed up my team from the beginning but so it goes. I wasn’t going to win any way with my opponent putting up 127. Poor Hunter Henry stream to boot. Dropping to 3-4.
Big Johnson’s – Missing Jordan Reed lead to a poor Charles Clay start which in turn lead to a 4 point loss. Moving to 4-3.
Jameis Has Crabs – I put up 91 points with 3 players going for less than 2 which I suppose is a moral victory. Unfortunately I got toasted by a guy putting up 120. McCoy killed this squad as I should have played Forte to at least make this a game. That’s on me. 4-3.

PigSkin Pick em

THE TRAIN IS DERAILING! A 5 point week leaves me 6 behind 1st with hardly any momentum. One interesting tidbit to note was if you picked the side the public was not on ATS, you would have won 8.

I’m in 2nd place in the Softerware pool 3 behind the leader. Still in it.