My new thesaurus is terrible.
It’s also terrible.

Sam and I went back home to bowl in the league on Monday and we ended up going 2-2 to bowlers who didn’t even care if they played let alone won. Very frustrating. Wevs carried the team and everyone else was a bit below average.

homeIt’s also my final day at the beach as work keeps piling up and I’m heading back to not get overloaded for Monday. Combine that with an Eagles-Steelers tailgate and Monday may not be so productive. I’ll be on the Texans -1 for 4 units tonight against Rob Kelley’s wishes I’m sure.

Golf went well yesterday as I made a slight adjustment to my swing and was hitting the ball with good contact time and time again. I finished with a 90 but could have been shots better if it wasn’t for a few unlucky breaks.

The 10 seconds where this video is pointed are hilarious.