dollar-shave-club-dubin-blades-ad-01I signed up for Dollar Shave Club back in December. It’s a relatively simple concept that made Gillette, the leader in shaving, completely alter their business model. For $9 dollars a month, they ship me 4 brand new razor blades. I found 8 razor blades for the Gillette Fusion online for $24.38 which seems like a reasonable deal for reference.

8153826_origI shave about every 3 days and I would say I grow regular facial hair. Pretty consistent throughout and not too thick. After 9 months, I’ve stored about 10 extra blades that are mine. I go through 3 a month. The razor is never dull and I don’t feel like I’m burning money by throwing it out. One critique I have is that I don’t think the razor blades are as good as the Gillette ones. If you feel like you spend too much on razor blades, I’d say the Dollar Shave club, for $108 a year, is pretty good.

HOWEVER, if you say I go through 3 blades a month, and the cost of 8 is $24.38, than 4.5 x $24.38 – $109.71 which would mean if I think the Gillette blades are better, I should stick with Gillette. This is a valid point but I also accumulate 12 extra blades through DSC. I also saw the Amazon review was 2 out of 5 with 121 reviews. HMMMM.