Lately pretty much the entire planet has been pissing me off. There’s nothing major in my life that is problematic but it’s the little tidbits that start to piss me off. Here’s a short list.

  1. maxresdefaultBikers and runners in Center City – I was driving in Center City last night, which I know was a huge mistake, and people riding and running in this area must have a mental disorder. At 5:30pm it’s so fucking crowded that I’d imagine people get hit every minute. Bikers have no room to ride except in the already clusterfucked street. Drivers have road rage because it’s stop and go and these bikers swerve in and out of lanes like they own the road which is asking for a hospital visit. Topping it all off are these runners who decide that Center City streets are a great place to run in rush hour and add to the misery. From now own I will no longer be entering Center City. Ever.
  2. STRADESirius Radio and Scottrade Pop Ups – I stream Sirius on my computer and today it has been stalling every 5 minutes and popping up asking me if I want to retry. Scottrade pops up every 30 minutes saying that if I don’t hit OK it will time me out of my account. This sounds simple but when the computer cues to the pop up as the primary window, it takes me away from whatever it is I’m actually doing. Nightmare.
  3. The Word Fucking and Literally – These are what I like to call “thinking” words. Some people use “uhh” or “you know” but those are beginner thinking words. The evolution of these simple phrases turns into using actual words to think. Fucking and literally give you ample time to think and continue a sentence. Unfortunately if they are over used, they start getting annoying. Fucking pretty much makes every comment have more emphasis which is fine but loses meaning once used every other word. Literally is one of those words that I may or may not be using correctly which is even worse.
  4. TRUMPCrossword Puzzles with #’s – When did this happen? ┬áToday’s puzzle had an answer to “what did the fan say after he missed the ending of the game?” The answer was WHO1. WHAT?!?! 4 other answers had it to. Fucking insane. See. I did it again.