huell money breaking badNo other species has to worry about dolla dolla bills y’all like human beings. Money is integral to our survival and well being. If you don’t have enough, you end up with a cardboard sign on Delaware Avenue begging motorists to bail you out for your bad decisions. Today is your lucky day. I’m going to give you 3 ways you can make bad decisions by listening to me. I also would like to point out that I’m allowed to make these bad decisions because I’m single and fiscally sound with no dependents.


3000 M Steeplechase

mysteryrunnerAt 9:25am on August 15th, round 1 of the 3000m Steeplechase will take place. There are 3 heats and the top x runners will make the finals which takes place 2 days later at around 10am on August 17th. I will not be sharing this exact pick as it was given to me by Sam and it is still 12 days away. By releasing it on, the odds could move in such a dramatic fashion that it won’t be worth betting. However, after Sam told me to “bet the farm”, I researched the competitor and agreed that Sam knew what he was talking about. I made a wager in excess of 250 dollars but less than 500. I promise that this will highlight the blog when the race goes off. If 5 people comment on this post that they are interested to know who it is, I’ll share it.


Novavax, Inc.


Click to see 2 year info.

Evan has been touting Novavax for what seems like a decade now to give you an idea of how long it’s been on my radar. NVAX, the ticker symbol, is a biotech firm that is attempting to create a vaccine to combat RSV (a contagious virus that infects the respiratory tract). It is looking to get approval from the FDA to distribute the vaccine which will heavily boost sales. The company currently is losing money but earnings are scheduled for August 9th which could have breakthrough news. Aside from getting approval to distribute the vaccine, Novavax is a takeover target for bigger players like GlaxoSmithKline. This stock is currently trading at $7.61 and has hit as high as $14.00 within the past year. Expectations would hopefully push the stock well past $10 and into the $15-20 range. I saw one message board moron predict $55. I would recommend buying 100 shares if you have some spare money around just to take part of the action. I own more than that and currently have an option play where I purchased 6 contracts of the October $9 calls at $1.20 ($720 investment) that are currently valued at $1.40. That’s a 16% gain in 1 week. I’ll try to sell it off (hoping to god the stock goes up after the 9th) and make another play to extend the time frame.


Traveler’s PGA Championship


Brooks Koepka is my predicted winner @ 16-1

Lacking the big names this week like Spieth, Day, DJ, and Rory but it’s still a decent field. If you read my previous post, you’ll know I had a little run in the PGA last week so I’m in good form (as golfer’s like to say). More importantly, you have to realize how hard it is to pass 6 guys in these events, let alone pick who is going to win. I try to pick players who are playing well and have potential to win. These are the $33 dollar tournaments so it’s not a huge investment and worse case scenario is I try again next week.



XHJBQqLDisclaimer: Don’t get mad at me if you lose your own money. Since I’ve been making money, I’ve been losing money. These selections are made with the understanding that it’s hard to make easy money. I’ve had so much experience with losing money that I’d like to think I’m getting better limiting my risks and trying to hit as much upside as possible. No whining.