I'll give you a very small tip.

I’ll give you a very small tip.

I have a fine understanding of tipping at restaurants. The wait staff puts up with a lot of shit from asshole customers so I’m happy to give 20+% in most circumstances. As long as they are nice and do a fine job, I┬álike to throw a few extra dollars their way. Now I get a bit more confused for delivery drivers.

If I get a $20 dollar meal delivered, am I supposed to tip 20%? Seems reasonable. What if it ‘s a $40 dollar meal? 8 bucks to drive down the road, I don’t think so. Is delivery a fixed fee for most people? 5 bucks on all deliveries? It seems ridiculous that if you order a different portion of food, and the driver will go through the same exact sequence (aside from carrying a few extra portions), that they deserve extra tip? What do you do?

How much do you tip delivery drivers?

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