I think I just felt some emotion after watching the Sixers game tonight. If you know me you know that I have little emotional attachment to sports but tonight was different. Watching an 0-3 team get sent to OT on a miraculous 3 ball and then lose in OT was really sad. I’m not a huge Sixers fan but I hate having a team that’s 0-4 because it takes all hopes of any potential of the season if it starts to get worse. Even if the team starts 5-10 at least you know if they go on a run they can get back to respectable. 4 games without a win is starting to look bleak. I just hope they don’t fall further in the sinkhole.

I’ve gotten back to normal life today. The stock market has been doing well. Hopefully good news on SIRI earnings on Thursday will make me some money. Work has been busy and we’ve had a flurry of orders. I hit the gym today and got back on track after a 5 day hiatus. I only did 3 miles in 17:40 but I felt strong lifting so I expect to get stronger as the Winter nears. It’s one things that changes in my life. I start going to the gym more instead of long distance runs which allows me to add some muscle and not looking like a pipsqueak. So I’m in a good mood am expecting good things to come.

It’s kind of funny the amount of shoes I have, I feel like a girl. I’m looking around my room and I count 18 pairs of shoes. I have 2 pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of dress shoes, 2 bball shoes, 1 work shoes, 3 regular walking around shoes, 4 pairs of running shoes, 1 pair of cleats and a pair of golf shoes. At one point or another I do wear each and every one and they are starting to get to be a nuisance for the amount of space they take up. Another funny thing is I’ve fazed out collared Polo shirts for plain t-shirts. I decided that I don’t care that much about my look and I’ll go as casual as I can for everything. Shorts are also put away for the winter and my sweaters and sweatshirts are going to take over. I’ve developed a pretty decent long shirt wardrobe but I like to add some fresh gear each year. In college I used to always wear hoodies with no zipper but I’ve swapped over to hoodies with the zipper. I feel like they are more versatile and have a more presentable look than the degenerate drug dealing hoodie sweatshirt. I’ll probably buy a few more of those as winter progresses. I’m sporting 3 pairs of jeans and will have to add a new pair or two. It’s well known you don’t have to wash jeans as often so you don’t need as many pairs but I feel like I have a favorite pair that I prefer over the other two. I need to add another favorite so I can rotate two instead of a one rotation. This doesn’t mean I never switch, I just prefer not to.

Another change winter makes is that I like starting my car before I get in it. There is nothing worse than getting into a freezing car and waiting for the heater to warm up. Today I was freaking out because I woke up at 7:10 and the traffic gets bad around then and I knew I was going to have to face the cold in my car without any warm up. Tomorrow I’ll try to wake up before 7 so I can get a nice 5 minute warm up. These sort of events are paramount to having a good day. I love being under the comforter when it’s cold surrounding the room and you know that under the blanket is the warmest you’ll be for the rest of the day. I HATE getting out of bed in the morning knowing I have to brace for the cold. Obviously my shower walk is terrible in the cold and I could write a whole post about that if I wanted. I obviously prefer summer but I can get used to icy temps and make it work. I really feel like i was rambling throughout this entire post but I’m starting to get the feeling people don’t even care. People will read what I write because it’s better than doing other things that they don’t want to do. I also think people use this as a comparison to their own lives and see how someone goes about their days and what makes them tick. It’s sort of one sided for me as I constantly share and get no feedback but that’s the breaks. I have a few ideas for future posts so I’m hoping to make some progress in the upcoming days. I know I lack pictures and real entertainment but I’ll see what I can do. Till then.