To quote Hozier, I had a weekend like (I imagine) real people do.

Jeff and I went golfing after work on Friday and I managed to not have a single beer on the course. We had a splendid time golfing with Louis and I went home getting ready for a race the next day.

160716011253I woke up at 7am and picked up Laura to go home to meet Samuel. Sam and I went to the race together and met up with Chad and Nikki. I did the 8k while Sam did the 5k and we both ended up winning our races. NBD. We both won by 2 minutes.

After that our family held a BBQ where we can jammed, corn holed, 3 point shot out, and had a genuinely all around good time. I managed to drink a mere 5 beers during the 8 or so hours and felt great going to sleep at midnight.

The group managed a -1 for the hole.

The group managed a -1 for the hole.

I woke up at 5:30 and drove to play golf with Bud, Adam, and Watkins. We had no 90’s in the group and I manged a 102 to give you an idea of what an outlier looks like. I actually thought I played OK aside from some short game woes and blow up holes. Watkins 81 from the blues at Raven’s Claw won but Adam had a 2 footer away from an ace and Bud was all around good. Fun time.

That leaves me here at 12:40 when I sometimes am waking up for a Sunday. I feel good and am going to eat some food, go for a run, and maybe bowling later. Good times.