I’ll mention every time I write that I don’t like recapping weekends. I get the feeling though that the people who are with me on these destinations enjoy the write ups so I’ll once again concede to giving the people what they want.

Cape-May-National-Golf-Club-3.jpgShee and I drove up to Cape May on Thursday morning to play a round of golf. We met up with CK4 and arrived 10 minutes before our tee time. We were paired up with a degenerate named Ron for our round. I’m not going to go in great detail about the round but my par on 2 made Shee chug his beer and seeing a red belly turtle on 17 was memorable. No one played particularly well but a good time was had.

After the round we drank some Gatorade and Tito’s on the beach as the sun set. I was pretty buzzed at this point and this night sort of blurred by for me. We went to a bar called Elaine’s and some talking happened. I remember slamming some street signs, Adam DeMamp style, to end the night.

13606585_10101642243378218_4625685532562765163_nThe next day started with a brunch at Harry’s and some beach. 2 highlights of the afternoon were, “how’s the project going” and Jordan’s hat getting knocked off at sea. The Baker wedding took place in the afternoon and I’ll spare the details except that it was a wedding.

The reception followed shortly after and the Southern Mansion was a good host. We ate, drank, and danced into the night and ended up at the Boiler Room in Congress Hall. I mistakenly gave Baker a RB&V instead of a water so he wasn’t completely dry all weekend. I think everyone had a good time.

13669516_10101641452143858_3409295348758919541_oThe next day brought about the mini-golf competition which was won by CK4. Adam Van De Velde put up a 4 on 18 to lose the whole she-bang. This day was going to get as crazier, if not crazier, than past days as we went to Carney’s immediately following golf for some Fireball shots. Beach time followed after and then there was a nice dinner hosted by the Baker / Gemgnani family.

13631588_10100161993281134_4301938085336796603_nThe dinner followed with a trip back to Carney’s where a live band played to a drunk crowd. Everyone survived the weekend (cousin Tim lost his phone and uncle Tim stole the show) so I would consider the weekend in Cape May a great success. Congrats to Matt and Leah for a long and prosperous future.