Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin

What? On Sunday I read news of a 27 year old Anton Yelchin, who was in Star Trek dying without reading any specifics. I thought it was uncommon for a 27 year old to pass but didn’t think much of it. Then I read today that he was crushed by his own Jeep that he thought he put in park but a malfunction of the car made it actually go in neutral. Unaware it was in neutral, the car rolled down his steep driveway and ended up pinning him against his own security fence crushing and killing him within a minute. How does this happen?

Anton Yelchin's Crushed Gate

Anton Yelchin’s Crushed Gate

Seriously how does this happen? It’s like you park your car and walk down to the security gate for some reason. If it’s to open the security gate I’d have to wonder why this isn’t opened by remote control. If he was getting the mail then he didn’t hear the car picking up speed behind him? Did he have headphones in? This seems like a very hard story to understand. Absolutely tragic to go out this way. Makes me scared to leave my house. This scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Anton as the Magician was great though.

This story is obviously not a good one for Fiat, who produces the Jeep Grand Cherokee, because it brings further attention to their 812,000 recall of various models. This story I found particularly scary:

Car through houseThis month, an owner from Bowling Green, Ky., wrote to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to report an incident in which his wife got out of the Jeep to take their 3-year-old child out of the back seat “and the Jeep began to roll away.”

According to the owner’s account: “She ran and jumped into the driver’s seat to stop it and in the process her foot slipped from the brake to the gas pedal, driving the car through a house. Significant damage was done to the vehicle and the home, but no one was injured.”

Car through the house is never a good look.