Lebron. Dustin. Jon Snow. Richard Hendricks. You name it, Sunday had it.

Lebron Stuffs IggyLet’s start with Lebron. Aside from the joyous pleasure taking Sam and Adam’s money because of their misguided belief in the Warriors, the game was awesome. Yes I watched GoT in between the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but that’s neither here nor there, because I’ve never pledged to be a die-hard NBA fan. The final quarter was tight and right with Lebron proving why HE is the best player in basketball and why Steph is still second fiddle. It’s hilarious to think that all it takes is winning a game 7 to become the marquee player but that’s the way it goes.

Gonna have a good night tonight.

Gonna have a good night tonight.

Dustin Johnson won the US Open this week in almost dominating fashion if you watched hole 18. Despite Shane Lowry coming in with a 4 stroke lead on Sunday, and subsequently blowing it throughout the round, DJ played solid golf when the pressure was the highest. For a guy who has blown so many leads and with last year’s heartache looming, I just felt like he was going to shank one into the crowd on the final holes and he never did. Even when some noise went off that caused him to reset completely, he still managed to hit the best shot of the tournament and HIS CAREER when he hit his 6 iron from 185 to within 5 ft on 18. Before this tournament I always assumed DJ would choke under pressure but he proved me wrong and I’m happy to see a golfer of his caliber clear the hurdle. It’s hilarious to think that all it takes is winning the US Open to become a marquee golfer but that’s the way it goes.

ramsay bolton snow game of thrones season fiveLast night’s episode of GoT was a roller coaster ride. Sansa Start coming in with some of the most powerful scenes of the series when she brought Littlefinger and some army I don’t know into the mix to aide her bastard brother. The arrow shooting scene with Rickon was incredible too. One small complaint, why didn’t the idiot run in some curved pattern? C’mon, Rickon, act like you’ve been there before. I’m pretty sure the entire fan base was sighing a strong sense of relief when Ramsay was firing arrows at Jon which he shield blocked. A sick character who finally met their end. All in all it was a wonderful episode that will be talked about whenever GoT is brought up. It’s hilarious to think that all it takes is winning the Battle of the Bastards to be the marquee character in Westeros.

I rarely write about Silcon Valley but Pied Piper is really coming together with its user interface. I particularly like Richard curled in despair in the nasty bathtub. It seems like every character is equally funny at this point. You’d think I would get tired of Erlich but his shtick just doesn’t get old. I was cracking up when he was saying how Richard saved them from their nose dive only to eventually end up creating another crater. Gavin Belson also deserves some sort of award as the best CEO of a fictional series. Hilarious when he was going to bring in the Opossum. Just want to share my still favorite scene from a few episodes ago.