I know some people can’t watch videos at work so I’ll give some text. I know my face has been overtaking my blog which I’m sure isn’t the most attractive thing but I’m getting rave reviews from my drunk videos. I can’t figure out why it lags because it doesn’t lag on the laptop but once I upload it to youtube, it starts to lag. The file size is only 3mb’s which seems unbelievably small which is most likely the reason for the lag.

So last night Bake, Evan, Jkash, CK4 and myself went to the Bayou for our Football banquet. It’s almost a joke to call it banquet but the beers were free. I made a great joke to call the Bayou “Shoulders” because you are constantly up against everyone there because it’s so cramped. We watched the Phils up until the 8th and then went to Mad River before 11 to take advantage of the their dollar drinks. I put 50 on the game and won so that made up for a little of the 200 lost the other night. At Mad River the fun began. I was probably 9 or so beers deep when we got there and then bought 4 which I drank. The band Burnt Sienna was playing and they weren’t half bad. Once they hit their 2nd set people started getting drunker. There was this one girl in sweat pants and a sweat shirt and I must say, I thought the look was incredibly sexy. To be badass like that and go to the bar in sweats was a bold move that deserves the credit from my blog. Evan left earlier and then Jkash and Bake left after the first set so it was just CK4 and I. It’s hilarious too because I know most songs that cover bands sing so I can sing along most of the time and not look out of place but CK4 only knows “summer of 69” and “boy of summer” so watching him is great. I know he’ll read this and that last sentence isn’t entirely true but funny nonetheless. So he’s gung ho on this one girl in the red who was dancing with a bro the entire night. Then this Snooki girl and her extremely tall friend start grinding on us, well me specifically. She had huge tits but a busted face but she was a girl who would probably let you do anything to her. CK4 gave her head a palming which I think turned her friend off. The palming is an interesting move, I’m not really sure if he’s trying to pick her up off the ground or what but it was hysterical. Then the bar closed and we went outside with them. Ck4 jetted off in a taxi as the girl was ripping on his MJ sweatshirt. I ended up walking the two of them back and there was this other bro who the one girl met right outside. I don’t know what the hell was taking so long but we were probably just sitting in her car for a good hour. The girls were from Kutztown so they were driving back and they dropped me off on the way back. I did prove that if I have no hard alcohol I won’t blackout which is good to know. There’s an open bar tonight at 8 that I’ll attend and tonight should be just as interesting.