51y-hABo2ML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Everybody faces the same decisions as they advance in age – behavior that was fun when you were younger (excessive drug and alcohol intake, indiscriminate sexual encounters with the powerfully magnetic and questionably sane, residing in shitholes with hygiene-averse scumbags) can’t continue when you get older or else the death march gets accelerated. Mature people learn over time how to structure their lives in such a way that the likelihood of dying is minimized. Eventually the menu of fun items that won’t instantly kill you is reduced to a small selection of spicy entrees, then a zesty appetizer or two, then a glass of water and a spoon (because forks and knives could cut your terrifyingly translucent skin, you decrepit old coot.) – Steven Hyden, “Your Favorite Band is Killing Me”

philadelphia-learn-13I’ve spend the last 2 days recovering from an alcohol induced hangover from a Memorial Day Party. This process even had me miss the opener of Center City Sips which is usually a highlight to the mid week. However, as I age, reconstruction to my normal life doesn’t occur as quick as it did in the past.

dodge-charger-srt10-super-bee-03If you watched my videos on Friday, you’d know I didn’t enter the weekend in the best condition. The hangover effects only worsened as my day went on. The alternator in car, which had 63,000 miles, failed and this leads to all electric functions in your car to die. I failed in my efforts to jump it because the battery pack I was using wasn’t fully charged. I learned this on Tuesday when I spent $95.00 for a service call and Triple A jumped it within 2 seconds doing it the exact same way I tried. With my car failing and me on Friday, and my needing to get to the Pocono’s to join my family, I rented a neon blue Dodge Charger, the ultimate D-Bag vehicle. Money wasted and not the best start to the weekend.

I spent two quiet days with my family and will give Sam a shout out for putting a 50 yard shot within 1 ft of the pin on hole one. I left the mountains on Sunday to party with Evan and company on Memorial Day. A good time was had by all but it left me debilitated on Monday. I was pretty much bed stricken all day.

These last few days have been drinking as much water as possible and exercising to get back on track. My foot is bothering me slightly which is curtailing my training for the mile trial which will happen in near time. I wanted to get this blog post in though to keep the daily checkers satisfied. New posts to follow.