You seem like you are SIGNIFICANTLY less of a scumbag than the other sharks. Is that true and if so, why?

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i had to answer this one. scumbag is a relative term.


Is Mr. Wonderful as cranky off the show as on it?

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Mr Wonderful wouldn’t say he’s cranky. he would say he speaks the truth all the time… so yes – he’s that Cranky. all the time,


How much of the pitches on shark tank are cut? It seems like it’s really fast paced, with little time for thought, and I was wondering how close this is to the real thing.

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very real. except the time line. average pitch is about an hour. longest was over 2.5. it all gets edited down to 7-8 minutes



I need an answer in the next 5 seconds.

Hi Robert. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Something I’ve always wanted to know about Shark Tank: sometimes a shark will make an offer but “I need an answer right now”. I’ve considered that perhaps this was done to limit bidding wars. And yet at other times sharks seem completely content to enter bidding wars. What factors drive the “I need to know now” offers?

Second question I have is, when you were first pitched the idea of the show (Dragons Den / Shark Tank), did you realize that so many people would watch it as much to learn business lessons as for entertainment?


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WHO KNOWS! the show, just like all business is fluid and unpredictable. it comes at you full on. sometimes we just feel like it and sometimes we are more comfortable to be “nice”. it can turn on a dime. when i was first pitched Dragon’s Den I had no idea. no one saw it coming. loved the idea of giving people an opportunity to share their ideas with the masses. can’t believe how far we’ve come!

In with the new.

In with the new.


Are you marrying Kym?!????

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yes I am!!!



The Questions That Didn’t Get Answered

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You are a leach on society. It’s nice to have stuff. But at what point and how much stuff do you really need? I don’t see how you contribute to society other than to drain as much money from others as possible. Scum.

The other sharks always seem so dismissive of you and want to cut you out. Do you think that is true and if true why do they?

Robert, what’s the secret to becoming rich?

May I please borrow $5 to buy some marijuana?

Hey you make investments!

Put A Commercial 3d Printer (size of a room, capable of making big stuff.) on the back of a self driving electric 18 wheeler, You still have space left on the back, so put a drone bay there. Wrap the whole thing in solar energy collecting film.

The truck drives to places, makes objects people can order from their phones, collects energy to run itself, and delivers the objects.

I have been trying to get someone to make this thing for ages, who the hell do I talk to?

Video I made poorly while attempting to show people how I blog. I think the music was internal which I failed to realize and thus too loud throughout. I’m sure I butchered Robert’s name. I also hit the repeat button on Spotify and not the shuffle. Quality wasn’t half bad though.