2 examples from this weekend that show that activities are better when it’s just your group, and no one else around.

  • ThinkstockPhotos-513447301On Friday, the forecast called for rain and I was looking to play golf with Bud and Chris. We arrived at the course and the employee said he was expecting heavy showers shortly and didn’t think it was a great idea to play. We decided to give it a try considering we drove an hour to get there. The rain was on and off for the first 6 holes and then stopped completely. We had the entire course to ourselves for the final 12 holes and it was a golf dream come true. No waiting. Perfect pace of play. No distractions. We walked the course in 3 hours. You can’t ask for a better round of golf.
  • pOt0dk7On Saturday, I bowled with Sam and Jordan. Any experienced person working the register staggers the lanes when it’s not that crowded. We were one of the first people there and they put us on 11.¬†In the next 15 minutes, the cashier¬†put groups on 16, 15, 14, 13, and 12 leaving the middle lanes completely open. Instead of bowling next to Liu Kang and his 2 little ninja’s, we asked to move lanes and bowled with no one else around until we were just about finished. Bowling can be fine when you are surrounded by people who enjoy improving but can suck when you have little tykes using the Stegosaurus and bumpers.

Both examples point out how it’s better to be doing activities when it isn’t crowded. Aside from a bar, and even this has to have an ideal number, more people equals less fun. More waiting. More time wasted. More chance of idiots.

2016-04-24-1461512457-3567665-Driverlesscar1433This leads me to the next topic which is going to be driver-less cars using the GPS to take you from A to B. No more Uber where you have an insane driver who is blasting music and going 100 mph. Based off of previous experiences, I won’t be against not having to deal with a person taking me places. As I mentioned, dealing with people you don’t want to is not one of the joys of life. This will be my future mantra, the less people = the more fun.

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