tumblr_nl4840Phpf1s9362xo1_500Mine was not so good financially. On Friday I spent about $1,500 dollars to make some home improvements which sucks in my opinion. I then proceeded to lose $400 playing poker when my AK lost to KK (which was supposed to the happen but the timing and the player who got me wasn’t) and  I needed to fade 7 flush outs to an AI player on the turn. Then my golf round got washed out on Saturday where I bowled instead and rolled 195 avg for 8 games which I was pleased with. Bud also threw up some nice games (224 high) with a house ball. I could pretty much take all of that but then I started drinking with Evan and Adam at around 1pm and my certainty in Exaggerter starting getting out of hand. I put $156 on him to win which turned out to be 1 1/2 lengths incorrect. Send him to the glue factory. By the end of the night I wasn’t even sure where I was anymore but I woke up at 8am to stumble to an Uber to get my car which had a $26 dollar ticket on it from illegal parking. I ended up passing out through Mother’s Day brunch and then to add ultimate insult to injury, the McGrath’s beat Sam and I in 2v2 where I don’t think I could have played worse. All in all, it was a pretty tough weekend but, as always, life will improve.