I scheduled a dentist cleaning at 9:45 today so I have a few minutes to write. If it was 5 years ago I’d probably be waking up at 9:15 and flying out the door to try to get there on time but today I’m up early, showered, brushed, and even flossed. I can’t decide if I should eat and then repeat the cycle but that’s what is most likely going to happen. I hate cleanings because she always flosses really hard and uses that pick with some aggression. I end up spitting out blood and then she tells me that I have to start flossing on the reg yada yada. I still give myself credit though for going every 6 months even though they have tell me I have to do a better job 2 times a year for the last 10+ years. I’m going to introduce a concept that was new to me til Friday but after I gave it some thought, and after what I just wrote, it almost makes sense.

On Friday night at the bar a guy was telling us about “game-layer” which essentially turns life into a “game.” The description is that you receive points that you can in turn correlate into discounts and maybe only a status symbol. Stores supposedly give out challenges that if you complete them, then you get points. I’ll give an example of how I foresee this happening on a more practical scale. The dentist is tired of you having shitty gums so they offer you points every time you floss. When you get to a certain # of points, you get a quickie from the assistant. Something along those lines is how I see the point system working. As CK4 would put it “the million dollar question” is what are these points backed by. Once asked that I think most conversations stop. However I wouldn’t mind tallying point’s for every beer I drink and having a number displayed above my head of how big an alcoholic I am. I think it’s pretty interesting honestly. A link for the interested.

Some football talk real fast. I went 3-1 in my fantasy leagues but the one loss was by the Turkeys who relinquished overall first place in the league. It was a short reign at the top of one week. All my other teams will win though and that puts me at 4-2 in three leagues and 4-1-1 in the other and amongst the top in every league. I’m usually not so good at fantasy football so I’m happy to buck this trend for at least the year, as long as all my teams don’t self-destruct.

A quick betting paragraph. I went into the weekend up 150 bucks from the week before which, and I have been keeping close track, is an accurate total for “this football season”, notice in no way do I say I’m a lifetime winner, in fact quite the opposite but my records aren’t so sharp. Anyway, my two blog picks both covered (KC and Pittsburgh) and I also run lined the Phillies which won too. I did however lose the Colts, the Raiders, and the Cowboys. Fortunately I had 50 on the colts, 75 on the raiders, and 35 on the boys for a loss of 160. The games I won yesterday I had 131 on KC, 50 on Pittsburgh, and 75 to win 103 on the Phillies for a net total of about 100 dollar win yesterday combined with a big day yesterday to put me up roughly 350 for the weekend. So that puts me up 500 for the season finishing week 6. Considering I’m playing with profit and hate losing my own money, hopefully this money should carry me for another couple of months depending on good bankroll mgmt. I know it’s a lot to ask.

I didn’t get to watch any TV because I feel asleep early but I have a lot of catching up to do today. Some bad news, our bball game is on Tuesday night and I will probably have to skip JWoww. I think I’ll get over it. Not much else to exciting.