So I guess these aren’t so rare anymore but like I wrote earlier, today isn’t your typical Sunday. I have a few random topics to discuss.

Some people are music people and others are talkers. Whenever you are in a social situation and there are only 2 or 3 people and you are just hanging out, there will usually be some sort distraction to keep from awkward silences. This also occurs in car rides when you have to decide to play music or not. Myself, I’m a background music guy where it’s not overwhelmingly loud so you can’t hear each other but it’s not dead silence either. I feel like this keeps silences like business as usual. Jeff and I probably spent about 10 hours together in the car and at no point was it weird. Now this could just be because we are brothers and get along but the test of long drives and if you can stand the other person should be a good factor in whether two people are compatible. Now I was also in another situation where there was no music or any distraction whatsoever and it pretty much forced talking. Normally this has disaster written all over it but turned out to be perfectly normal. I personally prefer nothing at all over people who just completely blast the music so that there is no communication at all, although if you are really good friends, this is certainly nothing wrong with a nice jam out.

Another situation I encounter is when restaurants give way to much food. I’m not a huge eater but I feel ashamed when the restaurant gives a huge portion and I have to leave like half the portion for them to throw out. I also don’t really do leftovers unless the situation really calls for it. On our road trip we went to IHOP and I got a huge ham and cheese omelet and then they also gave 3 pancakes. This is way to much food for me and the pancakes should have been homefries so I could look better when I don’t eat the full meal. I honestly feel that the servers look down on you if you can’t finish your meal.