Anyone who has played golf with me before knows I’m going to love this video. The fat kid making the other kid play by the rules is classic golf. Of course the Pres’s take was that the kid was harsh for making the other kid go back to the tee-box. Which made me think of this…

Let’s never forget this email sent on 7/21/11 that we still talk about. I’m not sure I’ve posted this before but I think 5 years in the archives is letting enough time pass.

I have one more question that I have thought about a lot, and you may choose not to respond but I have to get it off of my chest.

Is anyone looking?

Is anyone looking?

What was your thinking when you decided to bring up the fact that I took a lateral drop instead of going back and re-teeing the ball on hole 6 at Turtle Creek. Regardless of if it was your intention or not, I will always go back to thinking about that comment/scenario when people ask what my lowest round ever was or when I talk about my round. I am a little perturbed that it wasn’t mentioned when we were at that hole or on the tee box. I was completely oblivious to looking to see if it was white stakes or red/yellow or whatever. I would have gladly re-teed and hit my 3rd from the teebox.

If the roles were reversed, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is no way in hell that I would bring up the fact that you didn’t keep an accurate score and should have re-teed on a hole- therefore raining on your parade. If I did notice it, maybe I would have thought that in my head, but I would not have said anything. No way. The only reason that I can think you mentioned that at 18 was to rain on my parade, no other reason. So now when I tell people the career round that I had, I have to bring up the slight infraction that was not brought up to me by my playing group until after hole 18.

Take this however you want, you are still my boy but I just think that comment at 18 could have gone unsaid. Especially considering the fact that there is no way I break 80 (or shoot 80 if I re-tee and take a stroke) ever again.

The round after this round was so tense which is also hilarious. On the 600 yard Lederach hole I hit a 3 wood from the turf that was OB by about 1 ft and ended up re-hitting off the turf again which I probably grounded. Good times. The funniest part of the story is that this situation never comes if the player just shot a normal round.