musiccomplementWhen I posted the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham it had 395k views. In about 5 weeks, it now has 4.1 million views. This is hardly patting myself on the back but I know a good song when I hear it. I also listen to the most up to date music which means that I get first crack at identifying songs. The best sources for new music is every Friday to search the new releases on the Spotify section and I particularly like alternativeaddiction and the unofficalalt18countdownplaylists for what Sirius AltNation is playing. I’m out of the pop game so don’t look to me on that. Without further ado, here are some songs.

St Lucia – Help Me Run Away

Only 16k views and released on Jan 21st. I’m picking this as early as possible. The hook is catchy which unfortunately will be the song’s downfall. I’m a big fan of the lyrics though. At around 1:10 you hear the word “America” followed by the lyric, “pulled me out of the shadows” which happens to be my favorite part of the song. St Lucia is a one man band by Jean-Philip Grobler who was born in South Africa. There are other St Lucia songs on Spotify that have upwards of a million views but you may have heard Dancing on Glass which is being played by AltNation.

Panic at the Disco – Impossible Year

Their new album Death of a Bachelor was released a few weeks ago and they had been releasing singles weeks prior so there were only a few songs I hadn’t heard off it and Impossible Year was one. Brandon Urie really nailed it on this song. I love the lyrics and the pace of the song. It’s not going to be one that you’re rocking out on at a party but it’s a fun song to relate to if you are looking to be mopey. Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time and LA Devotee are other tracks to listen to off the album.


Nobody Wins by Brian Fallon

Brian Fallon went solo from the Gaslight Anthem and came out Nobody Wins. It doesn’t have the same rock feel of Gaslight music but it’s a story type feel of reminiscing about the old days. This song will not make it to radio because it lacks the punch of mainstream feel but I like the song.

Hozier – Someone New

I hear the collective groan. How can someone who is claiming to be up to date on music come out with a song that has been played nonstop for the past 6 months? I would only like to point out that the lyrics are a masterpiece. The song being titled Someone New I interpret as the artist jumping from girl to girl. The line “I fall in love just a little or a little bit everyday with someone new” is saying how there are unique qualities to every person to like. My favorite line of the song, “love with every stranger, the stranger the better.” He’s looking for the most individual, weird character traits and that’s what gets him off. I’ve heard the song hundreds of times and it doesn’t get old for me because I keep thinking about its lyrics and that is what makes Hozier great. I was skeptical at first but really came on board the more I listened.