slide-3I’m currently sitting at a 1229 ranking which is my highest of all time. I
recently beat an opponent that was 1400, my highest win to date. A
grandmaster plays at 2000+ to give you an idea of how much more room there
is for improvement. Basically anyone under 1,000 is a noob. 1,100 means your
grasping some basic concepts. 1,200 shows your delving deeper into openings
and positioning. Over the years I’ve gotten in and out of chess. Basically
when I get to a point where I hit a wall, I give up.

I’ve played 3,792 games and my record is 1,863-1,835. You’ll always stay
close to even because as you get better you get matched up with better
players. I’ve learned some valuable lessons from chess.

Fucking+Chess.+Don+t+do+it_8566a8_3835257*       Unlike poker, there is no luck aspect to chess. When you lose, it’s
because you were outsmarted. In poker when you lose it’s easy to blame being
unlucky and continue. In chess there is no one else to blame but yourself
and this can take a toll on you and your confidence to continue playing.
*       It’s a game that requires experimentation. The game only has a
finite number of openings and the best players know how the games play out.
Being different is the only way to compete effectively because good players
have done certain scenarios so many times that they aren’t going to make
mistakes. However, usually experimenting leads to losing which gets
*       It is a game which doesn’t get old easily. There are always better
players and new ways to play.

I’ve moved some of my free time from Photoshop and German to chess which I
enjoy more because it’s fun compared to feeling like work. Next stop is to
get to 1,300.