This is a very long post that I just left in one post even though I could have spread it over many posts. This will take you a while to read and will kill 5-10 minutes and it’s probably not worth the time to read it but do as you wish.

So I have quite a few topics to go over and many people to comment on. I had a sober weekend which has given me the energy on a Monday to put together a legitimate blog post. Sometimes I wonder if people like my random thoughts about random topics of if they like the stuff that I have going on in my life. I tend to think people don’t really care that much about what happens to me in RL but they are amused by what I think about topics. This however will be about things in my life that probably bore people but it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want. I’m going to sum up some weekend events and bring it full circle to how my Monday ended up.

Since I didn’t drink on Friday, I was fresh to play touch football with a bunch of friends who decided to join the Manayunk league. We get to the field a little early and see that we are up against 6 black kids and some athletic girls who I must say were a tad bit intimidating considering this was our first game ever of football as a team. I don’t know about anyone else but this was the first organized football game I’ve played since, well, ever. The great thing about football is that it’s not that complicated and as long as you can run and catch, you should be ok. I think we have 8 people on the field at one time and we have 12 on the team so we sort of have shifts of subs. I mainly played defense but unlike some others on the team, this is perfectly acceptable to me as I could care less about scoring touchdowns. “Certain” people love that end zone. To make a long story short, the black QB had stereotypical black QB attributes and was fast as lightning but his passing accuracy was a bit suspect. I picked him off the first drive which should give you an idea how bad he was. He literally threw it to me and all I had to do was the Smalls catch from Bennie (Sandlot reference for the slow). With Bake at the helm he was lobbing balls up in the middle of the field that were unbelievably (to me) being caught by all components of our team. Jkash even managed to catch one either between his legs or with them. Evan had a couple of scores even though he was wearing a bright yellow shirt that made him impossible to forget to cover but it didn’t seem to matter. Our females dominated theirs and will be productive weapons through the season. The highlight of the game was the Shee playing D on one of their guys and after not being passed the ball, one of their guys said something like “man throw me the ball, this guy’s got two left feet!” The bottomline was that, Primetime, came through with a convincing 40 something to 20 something W and they had mostly garbage time points. I forgot to mention that we have the self credited best player in the league in Gusto and I can’t wait to see when our self declared best player meets our player with the biggest ego (CK4). I think we should have some fireworks on the field and I feel bad for Bake who has to deal with two egos that can barely fit on an outdoor field. Should get interesting.

Moving from real football to fantasy football. In Evan’s league, the Turkeys dominated Mo Motycki with the help of Austin Miles, Gates, and A Pete. I know his name is Mike Motycki but people used to call him Mo and I thought that was his first name so I just always thought it was Mo Motycki, so that’s just what I call him. The Mind Erasers wiped the floor with Gerald’s 3 beer race in Steve’s league and that was pretty obvious considering what happened in the real 3 beer race. The Nuts are teabagging their opponent in Baker’s league, although as I’m writing this I’m up 4 points and Brees needs to outscore Bush and Colston which is pretty much a guarantee at this point. And Bill Schmidt blew me out in my other league which I don’t want to go into much detail. I also survived the eliminator with a gimme Packers pick. That’s it for fake football.

I’m going to move right into some TV watching and give my takes on some shows out. I know this is late but the Jersey shore episode was really good. I’m glad they didn’t show much of Sammi and Ronnie. I think Vinnie’s character has really developed. When he was dancing around Angelina and Jose after she told Jose what happened, that was baller. He really seems to have gained a lot of confidence and is pulling some hot tail although his begging for that girl to come out was a bit lame if you ask me. I sort of think if she didn’t want to do it in the first place, why would you want her to go against her will. The Situation has shown no development in the 2 seasons and is still entertaining but what was the deal with him eating a sandwich while Pauly was getting some play. I think Pauly has been a hit with his witty one liners (when he was on the phone with the girl and said I want to bring the girl I love…and you can come too) and he’s pulling some major ass too. I find Snooki and Jwoww to be sort of blah and Angelina was a a great character to bring back. You have to have people who make things happen and she certainly does. I like how she thinks she’s all that and talks so much shit and really has no morals. I told Gusto I thought it was a good show and he said it was trash, but I retorted with it being a good look into the psyche of people of our generation and how they get along. It’s like a human experiment and I find the interactions to be very realistic even though it’s a false reality. There is definite tension among the characters and you can’t fake that.

Boardwalk Empire was interesting. I can see how people may have thought it was a little slow but I also think these are the same people who get excited by flashing lights, explosions, and loud sounds. They have to develop the characters along the entire season and I thought it was a fine intro. Steve Buscemi seems like a pretty good lead in the series and I can’t wait for Omar from the Wire to get involved. Seriously, he was the coolest character out of any series ever. I’ve certainly sat through worse series (Treme). I’ve considered watching Bored to Death again but I really wasn’t enthused after I watched the first two episodes.

We signed up for a Bball team in the Ambler Y and our first game was tonight. This is a fall league and will prep us for the winter. For the first season in 3 or so years, we found a big man. We have a 6-6 guy who is my brothers friend and will actually give us a shot at winning. He actually didn’t play the first game but we won anyway with just 6 people. We won by 15 or so and were never really in any threat of losing. Bake opened the game with a 3 ball and we pretty much never looked back. We didn’t play great but we held them to 12 points in the first half so we didn’t really need to. Jeff and I had some decent chemistry in the second half and the brother connection begins. We also added my old friend Bud Schmidt who is another good addition because we grew up playing together and get along well. Jkash adds the muscle and makes sure to get his fouls in. I have high hopes for our team as we actually have a full roster of people who have played ball before. I know Addashee feels slighted that I didn’t invite him to play and I’m publicly apologizing in my blog. However, the last winter league I asked you to play on, you only tried to play in one game and you were late and then couldn’t find the gym. Oh and I actually attempted two outside shots, both of which I missed but that will not deter me and I intend to keep firing them up.

This concludes the longest post I’ve ever written.