I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now and am finally getting around to it at 10am on Sunday. I didn’t do any drinking this weekend and did the Philly Distance Run this morning. I finished in a disappointing 1 hour 24 something. I was about 5 minutes off my best time but to be honest, I was just happy I finished. At mile 3 I was ready to quit and by 9 I was completely spent. I pretty much limped into the finish line. It obviously sucks when you put in a lot of effort for a pitiful effort, but I had a feeling it was coming. I slacked off 2 weeks prior to the run with little training and then I overdid it the week before and hurt my foot. Although this had nothing to do with my performance it still hindered my ability to train the week before. Enough said though because I was just happy to finish and move on to next year.

The real reason for this post was guessing why people believe in what they believe in. I was about to go to sleep and it popped in my head, why do people believe there is a heaven? No one can confirm that there actually is but people worship a mystical being so that they can end up in this mythical place. I was just thinking about what happens when you die and the idea of spending “time?” in an area of paradise just doesn’t seem realistic. I put the time in quotes because you’d think that if you were dead and only a spirit that you wouldn’t be existing in “real life” time. Plus what is so magical up there that’s not down there? What are my options in the afterlife? Can I play Ping-Pong or Foosball if I’m in the mood? Are John Lennon and George Harrison walking around up there and are they being mobbed by all their dead fans, because that sounds like hell for them? Or is it just a serene place where everyone is just really relaxed with no worries and there’s no concern for money or your next meal and everything is perfect? I call bullshit. I try not to think about this stuff to often but when I ask myself do I believe in a religion and when I break it down to the nitty gritty and ask: Do I want to do good and pray to a god who is supposedly looking after me so I can feel good that when I die, my soul will be complete and content? Can’t I just be a good person and rot in the ground just like everyone else? Is that not an option? I also assume that hell is a place of torment that you want to kill yourself to end the misery but you can’t.

Although the consideration of the afterlife is a great mystery, the greatest mystery is how did everything start. How did everything begin. To start this whole universe, something had to happen and what was there before something happened? Everything couldn’t have just existed at the beginning of time. I get it, it’s called the big bang and the universe was created, great theory. Or mythical god created the universe because he had this grand plan. Your telling me he came up with the idea that when a man pumps his penis into a woman’s vagina many times, semen filled with sperm is going to come out and impregnate a woman’s egg? Like seriously where does he come up with this stuff. If it was up to me I would just have made it so that a man and a woman can clap their hands together 3 times and voila, a little baby. It’s so much easier and much less painful, why go through all the hard work and labor? I’m just skeptical about how it all began because everything just works so perfectly.