rockymountainhighSam took a trip to Denver to ski high mountains and eat in high places.  I do not believe he will have the time to blog so I’ll have to hold down the fort while he’s gone.  You can see my Photoshop efforts are paying off.

I have no premise for this post.  It’s more of a sit here and write down a few ideas.  I wrote 3 posts yesterday which isn’t a realistic goal on a daily basis.  I also ran 29:02 on a treadmill for 5 miles.  This probably sounds egotistical but I’m not keeping a running log anymore so this helps me document what shape I’m in on what date.

I had dinner with my mom last night at the Iron Hill Brewery in Chestnut Hill.  She called the back dining area “stuffy”.  I thought to myself that I rarely hear the word stuffy.  Then I thought that was an accurate description.  This gave me the idea that you should always be trying to use the best word to describe a situation.  This would be displaying intelligence.  It’s why I never try to use the word thing when I write.  The word thing is a cop out for non thinking.

amsterdamI also booked a trip to Europe which will be fun.  I’m flying into Amsterdam on February 1st and staying for 9 days and flying out of Vienna, Austria.  There is a roofing show in Stuttgart on the 3rd and 4th but aside from that my mission becomes to get from Stuttgart to Austria in 5 days.  I’ll have some help along the way.