trash_canI’ve been going through my 161 drafts which were posts I started and never published. This one sort of leaves me scratching my head but I’ll post it anyway because it was going to the trash and it looks like I at least gave it some thought. I honestly have no idea what I was going for.


This world evolves with technology and you either evolve with it or you get left behind.  The landscape in 2015 is a far cry different than it was a mere decade ago with the advent of “social media”.  For some reference point:

  • MySpace started in 2003.
  • Facebook started in 2004.
  • Youtube launched in 2005.
  • Twitter started in 2006.

google-hummingbirdIt’s worth noting that Google’s search engine arrived around 1998 which is the “real” start of information (not counting Netscape and AOL as a true search experience).  All of these methods share one important facet which is communication and the ability to efficiently share information.  With these companies producing products that enhance social networking , the lives of it’s users are opened up to levels never before seen.  The rules must change.

What do I mean by rules are no longer the same?  When my parents were in school I envision a picture where the camera weighed 100 lbs, a light had to be set up, and smoke popped out when the shot was taken.  People weren’t readily snapping pictures with their phones left and right.  There also weren’t “blogs” where a person can document any part of their life and share it with the world.  Maybe you had a journal that was read by you and only you but that was your only evidence of your existence from your point of view.  The ease of sharing information has altered the way the information must be interpreted.

That was where I left off in 2015.

What I think I was going for is that rules set back in the day should not apply to today and we need to constantly be changing. Take the Constitution as an example. The Constitution, with its 27 amendments, has been amended only 17 times since the first 10—which make up the Bill of Rights—were ratified in 1791. 

nudebeachThese rules are what govern our society and it’s safe to say that they are pretty damn good considering America is one of the fastest growing, richest (or poorest), nation there is. Who’s to say though that there shouldn’t be new rules? I personally don’t understand why females have to wear tops. Guys can go to the pool without a shirt but if a girl does it heads will turn. Sure there are nude beaches but here in America it doesn’t exist? Maybe 100 years from now no one will wear clothes? Who’s to say what is right or wrong. What I was getting at with the post is that time changes quickly and even more so with the advent of these new communication tools. I see why I never posted this post in the first place. It’s a topic that is too smart for me to address properly.