Another draft. This post ending was pretty terrific.


Nothing on Earth makes a human feel more alive than being right by predicting the future. Putting your intelligence on display and having it pay off is what it takes for people to start taking you seriously. When you have your own blog, you force people to pay attention. That’s what is happening here whether you like it or not.

Back on Feb 27th I said that this Modest Mouse song was great. This Monday I heard the song being played on AltNation. They were 2+ months behind me. My ability to hear a hit off an album was evident.

kendraThis is a post I wrote about the girl who masturbated in a library bathroom for a few minutes. I started following her on Twitter and she now has 33k followers. I would not be surprised to see her hit 6 figures. Her account has since been suspended but I know it was over 6 figures because her new one has over 50k. This happened in about 2 months.

I know what you’re thinking, big deal. If I were reading it I would say the same thing. HOWEVER, I’m going to actually wow you with these next few: