The_Law_of_SuccessI’m reading Napoleon Hill’s book the Law of Success in 16 Lessons. for the 2nd time.  This book is a life changer.  It was written in 1925 so the fact that it’s even available this many years later shows its legitimacy.  It covers principals to “make it” in the world.  How to be a better person leaning towards the business side.  It creates an enthusiasm for life that you otherwise don’t feel.  It charges you up.

I’m only on the 3rd principal but my brain has already begun churning about how I’m operating with thought towards my business, my relationships, and my own personal goals.  A couple key ideas from the early reading:

  • Find a mate who will push you to higher levels
  • Auto-suggestion is recommended to achieve success
  • Know what it is you want to do

i_now_pronounce_you_chuck_and_larry_02502I’m independent.  I don’t have a fear of loneliness which is why I’m picky on the first point.  I’m too judgmental to give females a chance and too much of a pussy to just get what I want.

Real life example to help expand on this.  I had dinner with the President of a company that is much larger than ours.  He has a daughter that is 24 or 25, good looking, and looking to be a lawyer.  So not only is this girl aligned with my business (and could only strengthen the business relationship), but she’s hot and smart.  This is the type of girl I should be going after.

So I compare that with meeting a random girl at the cider festival today and hoping that we spark it up together and I begin to question.  Now the obvious answer (and what I suck at doing) is to just get out there and experiment.  It’s really that simple.  Perhaps there is too much thought being put into this as I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on this part of life but I consider that I’m 31 and still have 50 more years to live. It seems to me that putting extra thought into who you want to spend your life with and help you grow is worthwhile.

I ran out of time today (gotta hit that cider festival) to expand on the 2nd points but I’m sure I’ll bring it up in the future. Onward to the weekend. Michigan -8. Stay tuned for DK picks.