I wish I took a picture of this moron but you’ll have to be entertained by my words instead.

I can't remember the last time I was on a plane that wasn't full.

I can’t remember the last time I was on a plane that wasn’t full.

Courtesy on an airplane revolves around common sense.  You sit in your assigned seat.  You keep your hands to yourself.  You don’t be stupid.  Alas, this is not possible for some people as I experienced it first hand today.

I flew from Tampa today and had the middle seat which is the worst seat.  The window gives you some visual and the aisle gives you easy exit.  The middle gets you trapped between 2 passengers with limited understanding of who should get the arm rest.

The two were already seated when I arrived and I squeezed in the middle.  Man to the right of me had obviously been on an airplane before and had his arm on his side of the arm-rest and was comfortably reading his Iphone.  Man on the left most have been raised in a barn because his arm was already spilling onto my side and his legs were taking up half of my room.

Similar to this.

Similar to this.

To make matters stranger, a woman comes down the aisle and says “someone is sitting in my seat, 23A.”  The man starts rummaging through his pockets and says, “I can’t seem to find my pass.”  After 3 minutes of checking his pockets it emerges and says 23F.  I was praying he would move to his seat but instead the woman took his seat.  At this point I must remark that he was reading a book entitled, “The Canadian Gold Finch,”  a book on birds.  Cuckoo.  Cuckoo.

Another pet peeve of my mine is bringing the carry on.

Another pet peeve of my mine is bringing the carry on.

I put up with his disregard for my personal space considering the entire time to give his elbow a big jolt but decided I didn’t want to spend 2 hours in a tense argument.  I survived the flight and then I pulled out my phone as we landed and he asked:

“Do you have the time?”


“Is that our time?”

*Headcocked* “What other time would it be?”

So now I was certain this guy was off his rocker because he was at least 60 and wasn’t aware that Florida and Pennsylvania share the same time zone.  The other part that I can’t get over is when someone asks the time, is it normal to give them the time of the time zone you came from?  I couldn’t grasp that one.

Fortunately I made it back safely and posting may go back to regular but I have another trip planned next week and it may get sparse.