So I took a 2nd place in a 12 dollar 180 man tourny last night for 400 bucks. That put me 50 shy away from being even considering the money I’ve deposited in the past 60 days. Lots of time spent for not a lot of return. Actually negative return in this case. After that Evan and I went to Bourbon Blue because they were having a deck opening that brought about an open bar. So it’s mayhem at both bars but they have this one hidden section where someone was filling up shots of some fruity girly drink and they had a keg flowing. I probably drank somewhere between 10-15 of the shots and another 4-5 beers. The girls there were looking very nice by the way. At 9 it was getting close to leaving and the openness was no longer at the bar so I bought two beers and a shot of Jameson before we left for Mad River. I ate a pretty damn good BBQ Bacon Burger at Mad River and accompanied that with a few beers. They had some Smirnoff – Grey Goose taste off which of course I wanted to try. I did choose the Goose as the preferred alcohol which I was proud of to display my true alcoholic tendencies. Full Effect was the band and their lead singer Picasso and Jkash have a unique bond together. At 11:30 or so I was pretty bombed and knew that I had to get out of there before something bad happened, so I did. I’m here at work now writing this post and it’s literally a dead day. I’m leaving early to go play Cape May National and then head to Sea Isle for the weekend. Should be fun.