So I like to wear one shirt with a group of people, not wash it, then risk wearing it again with a completely different group of people a mere few days after.  The idea that you don’t want anyone from the first group knowing that you don’t wash your clothes or that you wear your clothes with such frequency is the game. Being careful that the groups won’t converge is the thrill.

I’m constantly thinking about what clothes I wore with what groups of people and when was the last time they’ve seen me so I don’t duplicate my clothes so it looks like I only own 3 shirts.  In reality I own 15 t-shirts and 15 collared shirts which seems like a lot until I realize I’ve had the same 30 shirts for the past 15 years.  As I’ve gotten older I’m always buying new clothes just to avoid the same clothes conundrum that spears us middle class.  Anyone else address this issue often?