…and I’m still at work.

Today was a complete catch up day after being out of the office for 4 days.  It was non stop from 8am until the end of the day.  I’m not even sure where to begin.

Typical Vacation Day:

birdies7am – Wake up feeling great.  Run to Wawa to grab some coffee and pineapple.
7:30 – Mom makes me eggs and bacon while I peruse the papers JC bought.
8:00 – Scan Rotoworld, Fantasy Pros, and make sure all my fantasy and DraftKings teams are up to date.
8:30 – Read whatever book I feel like reading while listening to whatever music I feel like listening to.
10:00 – Hang out by the pool, swim laps, play rummy, general relaxation.
11:00 – Go for a run.
12:00 – Eat lunch.
juliaholdingsun1:00 – Relax on the beach.
2:00 – Play golf.
6:00 – Eat dinner.
7:00 – Watch TV, drink beer, and play games until I get tired and want to go to sleep.

I did this for 5 straight days. I enjoyed myself each and every day.



My Work Day Today
sunrise27:45 – Wake up feeling pissed off that I know today is going to be a nonstop work day.
8:00 – Listen to 30 messages on the answering machine.
8:15 – Process all of the orders that came in over the break.
9:00 – Ship out all of the orders.
12:00 – Respond to all people who desperately needed the product yesterday.
1:00 – Pay bills that pile up over the week.
2:00 – Invoice.
3:00 – Create PO’s for items that were depleted.
4:00 – Update cash sheet with current position.
5:00 – Cry.

I don’t think there was 1 minute of today that I could say I actually enjoyed. Sure I feel refreshed but the only part I keep going back to is how much I was enjoying doing whatever I damn well pleased.  I didn’t even get to read Evan Silva’s matchups which is pretty much a top 5 part of my week.  I will hopefully add an in depth football preview tonight.  But just in case, here you go Rob Kelly.