Back in school there was a guy whose favorite phrase was “Sweet Livin”.  He also liked “don’t break stride” which I didn’t completely understand but he also used it when crossing the street.  He got hit by a car.

Today is Thursday and it’s 8am.  I woke up at 6:10 to take a few pictures of the sunrise with my camera on the beach.  Jeff and Julie met me down there and I’ll post them when I get back home because I don’t have the mini USB cord.  They came out pretty cool though.

I’ve really embraced this no work life.    I’m relaxed and stress free.  Eating good and working out.  Actually enjoying this week compared to trudging through a Monday through Friday that I do 51 times a year.

Yesterday we golfed in one of the most spectacular rounds I’ve ever been a part of.  In my nearly 2 decades of golfing I’ve never seen a 16 carded.  Yesterday I saw 2!  Granted the course was too hard for the talents of the group but this will go down as a memorable round.  The night concluded with a few rounds of Wits and Wagers and dizzy bats.

Don’t worry Rob Kelly, tomorrow will be a day where I divulge my DFS lineups.  I’m more confident this week because of the data from last week.  I’ve reviewed all the matchups and targets from last week and am ready to get off the schneid.  I’m also shifting my strategy with regard to which tournaments I enter.  I’ll still play the 2 million tournament but then I plan to down my playing fields to less than 20 and as low as 5.  Props to Evan for cashing first in a $270 20 man.  I’ll also drop Fanduel because Bud clued me into a 2 TE approach in DraftKings that I think has at least a minor edge.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work for a catch up day but I know it will still feel like vacation.  Either way, I’m happy.