Sam beat me in a race today!


Toying with the Chromebook and adding an image for the sake of an image.

Considering I haven’t beat Sam in a race since he came out of college this isn’t actually an exclamatory sentence.  The only reason I phrase it like that is because it was on the beach.  My toe running has given me such huge calves that I just don’t lose on the beach.  I beat an in shape Sam about 3 years ago in an 800 which was the upset of the century.  Today, however, the tables were turned.

There is a pier like structure that is what I thought about 1 mile away.  Sam eyeballed it and said he could run there and back in under 5 minutes.  I said it couldn’t be done in 1o.  Much to my dismay, he did it in 4:39.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Sam was trucking pretty hard at the end and probably wanted to finish it under a time just because that’s what the Stortz family does when put up against the clock.  I decided to give his time a challenge.  I finished in 4:41.  Now, this can’t be construed as a head to head race but I wasn’t slacking either.  Kudos to the victor.

What’s really fun about vacation is that there is a 200 meter track about 3/4 a mile away.  I’ve taken this vacation and look to improve my physical shape.  Today I ran 2 miles back to back (6:14, 5:58) and then did one all out after a bit of a break (5:33).  I feel great.

Without work life feels much more relaxed and I have more time to do whatever it is I want to do.  I’ve almost finished Colin Cowherd’s book and am still reading up on football.  I’ll post my picks and teams but just know that I do it under a losing first week.  Even still, I’m going to try to play some golf tomorrow and enjoy the next 2 days because I catch up on work Friday.

This computer is a pain in the but to post pictures with the touch pad so sorry if the post format isn’t as clean as it usually is.