Slow Response Texts 


If you’ve texted me before you know that I don’t respond to texts instantaneously as some people do.  This screenshot shows a text at 6:25 on 9/3 that clearly asks the question, “something I should look into?”  Notice I completely ignored it.

I started writing that it’s not because I purposely do it, and I really don’t purposely not respond, but then I thought about it further and subliminally it is because I don’t know what to write.  The answer to the question is obviously yes because I wouldn’t have brought it up.  If I answer yes though then I have to explain why and at that moment of time I wasn’t into it and just didn’t respond.

I ended up giving a further explanation on 9/8.

Dodgy Details


This is a conversation with my sister when we were talking about getting together on a Saturday night.  In my mind I’m telling her where I’m going to be with the idea that she could come if she wanted to.  The next day she tells me, “your texts don’t even say if I’m invited”.  She’s right.  I completely understand not knowing whether she’s invited where I’m under the belief she knows I have no problem if she ever wants to hang.

Being an Ass


One reason I’m showing this is because someone took a picture of their screen and sent it to me.  In the age of screenshots, I think this is hysterical.  The other is because I want nothing else to say that there is no way in hell I’d play Owen Daniels.  I held my tongue but it took all my will power not to say, are you kidding me?  One of my faults is believing that I know it all and this is both good and bad.  It’s tough to know when to say to someone that there is no way they can be right and when to say they might be on to something.