Sirius came out with their earnings this morning and they have continued to add subscribers and actually had a net income of 15 million compared with a loss of 159 million last year for the quarter. The stock was up 5% pre market. I’ve been touting this stock on my blog for a while now and I think it’s finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not to late to buy the stock and obviously not to late to get away from that horrific AM/FM that the zombies of the nation listen to. It’s funny because I hear my mom and her reasons for not switching over and they include “I like the radio and I listen to CD’s and my Ipod”. AM/FM is a complete joke filled with the same music and commercials out the ass. CD’s are a thing of the past. An Ipod only plays the music you’ve downloaded so it’s never anything you haven’t heard before. Get Sirius! I’m not sure if this is the slogan they use but they certainly should. Once again more proof that I can make it in marketing.

Sam and I were reviewing his traffic to his blog last night and amazingly almost half of his traffic is derived from people coming from my website. Talk about helping a brother out. That’s a funny line by the way. Good to know that the loyal viewers of my blog keep it in the family. Adam always tells me that Sam’s blog is better, but until his traffic numbers surpass mine, I’m crowning myself. Sam and I get along pretty well and our blogs can feed off of each others. We said we’d look for more referring sites but it’s hard because I don’t want to just throw links up there to trash pages. I’m not really sure how but eventually something will come of this website.

I’m also starting to get this feeling of depression that Summer is coming to its end and people are getting ready for school again. When you don’t have school any longer there’s never a shocking shift to another type of lifestyle so I have to feel it through others. I really enjoy Summer weather and I dread the thought of the cold months that lie ahead so I think that has some bearing on me as well. I don’t miss treadmill running one bit but I’m not as strong in the Summer because of the lack of weight lifting I do in the Winter.

Last night I went home and was complaining to my mom how the customers at work were bothering me, people weren’t returning my phone calls, my feet hurt, and I had nothing in the pipeline. She starts singing…

I’m thinking, jesus, add nagging and baggage and we’re all set. She’s just looking for some effort on my part to find a mate (caveman terminology) and I just don’t feel the rush. Some people are so gung ho about getting married and having kids that it scares me to want to add responsibilities to my life. I like not having to wake up on the weekends until 1. I like the freedom of Rainbow Spa if I choose. I like money not flowing out of my wallet to feed extra mouths. Now, I can change any of these thoughts at a moments notice but I’m not going to pretend to like someone just to have the feeling of having someone by my side. I legitimately get along and like most people, however, there’s a difference between liking and getting along with them than really liking them. Plus I can be timid, goofy, awkward, and miss obvious signs, so that doesn’t help. I just figure, when it’s right, you know.

I close with a good song.